First I'd like to say a huge thank you to all who've supported me on my cycles for the British Heart Foundation!

So far, we've raised £335 with the London to Brighton and the 50 mile off-roader. However, we've hit a little hurdle and I've had to defer my RideLondon place until next year.

Having had complications with a wisdom tooth removal a couple of weeks ago which still hasn't healed, I've been struggling but keeping my place until the last possible moment, but unfortunately I've not even been able to cycle a mile without bleeding and being in a lot of pain. My decision was then made for me when my car broke down and I therefore had no transport to London.

It's very frustrating as training had been going brilliantly and I'm in far better shape than when I took part in last year's RideLondon, but things just haven't fallen into place this year.

On the bright side, I will be doing more than 100 miles of cycling in the coming weeks as soon as I'm a bit better, have some obstacle course races coming up for more fundraising and will of course be taking part in RideLondon 2018, stronger than ever before and for the British Heart Foundation again.

Thanks again for everyone's amazing support and I'm absolutely buzzing to get back into it again and train harder.



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