Upfront about the transfer window

The transfer window, as always, has divided opinions and given us around 4 heart attacks per day. But we wouldn’t have it any other way!

With what originally seemed like a long list of potential signings, other clubs have, of course, crept in and taken away some of the options. However, I’m still remaining positive.

The main priority this transfer window is obviously a striker, and from the beginning, Chicharito has been the one I’d have chosen first. Being proven in the Premier League is something I think is irreplaceable, and as we’ve seen in recent years, while a player may be unbelievable overseas, something just might not click when they come to West Ham. At 29 years of age, Hernandez and his £13million buy-out clause look incredibly tempting to me, with a good few years left in him. His style is play would also bring something I feel we’ve certainly been missing. Partnered with the likes of Carroll, I reckon Hernendez could do some serious damage. I’ve always seen Carroll as more of a hold-up player who could flick on to a poacher like Hernandez. Simply put, I’d be absolutely gutted to see him go to Chelsea.

Iheanacho was another player I’d have loved to have seen come to the club, albeit on loan. From what I’ve seen, he looked to be an exciting player despite not being hugely proven. Although the loan would have seen a buy back clause for City at reportedly around £35 million, for a young player, £25million could have been a worthwhile investment. For me, even one good season would have been enough if he could help us to finish in the top 7.

I almost feel as though one season is all we need to bring ourselves back into the picture and start attracting the big names. We have the London location, we have the impressive stadium and we just need to prove this season that we can finish high enough in the table to be seen as a great move for potential signings.

Andre Gray from Burnley looks likely and while I know there’s been a lot of fans unhappy with this after the promise of big names, he is reasonable and could be a great signing. With nine goals in 26 starts last season and averaging a goal every 252 minutes, equating to almost 14 goals per season, at the club with the third fewest chances in the league… I’m reasonably impressed with that for £15 million.

Realistically, I’m hoping to see Hernandez and Gray put in upfront to strengthen the squad. Who would you like to see added into the squad for the 2017/18 season? Let me know on Twitter @hollseey!



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