The week that didn’t

Some weeks go to plan. This was the week that didn’t. I have been struck down in the prime of life (or the pribe ob libe for any Friends fans reading this).

Last week ended well, I had the Friday feeling but suddenly caught something more than the Friday feeling… a chest infection. Feeling horrific all weekend I got rid of my temperature, turned up to work in the morning and battled through Monday.

Tuesday morning came, the cough was going, I was feeling better again and I’d been given the opportunity to go to Leaders’ Week to represent my work. Life was going well again. As somebody who’s followed this event for years, I was incredibly excited to go to this and headed over to the eSports conference at Stamford Bridge.

I should probably begin by saying that this was a posh event with a lot of notable people in the sports and eGaming industry.

Anyway, I’m sat there listening to one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard when I start feeling sick. Telling myself I’m fine, this was soon accompanied by sweating and shaking. Finally I caved and went out to get some air, when out of nowhere I threw up literally in the doorway of Stamford Bridge. Where everybody walks in. Yep, ON the Chelsea stadium.

There’s being mortified and then there’s this. But it didn’t end there. Something was horrifically wrong with me and this wasn’t stopping. By this point, I’m a shivering, sweaty, pukey mess who is 14 tube stops, a train journey and a 20 minute drive from home.

I won’t go into the ins and outs of the rest of my journey, but it could certainly rival The Hobbit. It took me four hours to complete a one hour journey, a random Northern lady bought me lemonade and my boyfriend had to leave work to help me get from Euston.

Not my finest of hours.

The worst bit of it all was that I’d been eating seriously healthy and getting back into exercise and three days on I still can’t really eat, let alone move far enough to exercise, and the chest infection is back 🙌🏻 Time to recover!

On the bright side, I broke my PB sleeping record on Wednesday, with an impressive 20 hours in a row 😂

Over and out,


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