Mystery Tourists Flock to UK Village

Bewildered residents recently sought to solve the mystery behind coachloads of Asian tourists appearing in their village, with absolutely no explanation.


The village of Kidlington, located five miles North of Oxford is not a popular destination. In fact, not many know it exists.

That was at least, until this week.

Coachloads of tourists have been appearing on a regular basis, posing with residents’ homes, cars and anything in sight before boarding their coach again and leaving the quaint village.

With the only plausable explanation being that Kidlington is England’s largest village, some locals have been pleasantly surprised by the new attention their homes seem to be getting. One resident said: “It’s definitely putting Kidlington on the map. One asked a neighbour if they could wash their car for them.”

Other resident’s however, are not enjoying the multitude of tourists appearing on their doorstep. Reports of tourists leaving their bus to enjoy a picnic on homeowners’ lawns and benches were made. One resident said: “I looked outside and saw them posing with a car. Later I found one of them jumping on my trampoline. It’s very intrusive.”

Despite trying to find out the reason behind the tourists’ visit, locals have had no luck as their new friends are mainly unable to speak English.t2

What would you do if hundreds of tourists suddenly began visiting your home for pictures?

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