Euro 2016 finals

Tonight is the night! Four weeks of nail-biting action come to an end as the Euro 2016 competition comes to a close.

While England may have disappointed fans, the tournament has seen its share of ups and downs, and hasn’t failed to deliver!

The beginning may have seen a focus on ‘Euro violence’, which sadly overshadowed the very reason football is arguably the greatest sport in the world. While a minority causing trouble may have brought negative publicity to the tournament, the majority of fans showed an incredible spirit, demonstrating football’s ability to unite nations.

Here are just a few of my favourite moments of the tournament so far:



Ireland fans help an elderly French couple by fixing their flat tyre.



Iceland’s ‘thunderclap’ celebration which seems to have caught on throughout Europe.



Polish and Northern Ireland fans having a dance-off.


Germany v France - EURO 2016 - Semi Final

Griezmann’s Hotline Bling celebration.



Payet’s taking out of the corner flag celebration.



Shaqiri’s overhead kick against Poland.



And last, but definitely not least… What is a Euro Final without a moth invasion?


One goal could have seen Ronaldo take the lead in all-time goal scorers in the European Championships, reaching 10, however he was unfortunately denied this after a solid tackle from France’s Payet, rendering him unable to play within the first 20 minutes of tonight’s final. This also involved a perfectly timed moth landing as the winged creature made its debut on TV worldwide.


This moth is going to get so many moth-ladies after tonight.


With Griezmann currently sitting on an incredible 6 goals in this competition, could the 25-year-old be set to take the lead?

Both Portugal and France have gone into the second half of the final 0-0, looking reasonably equally matched, leaving everything to play for.

Who will win Euro2016? Stay tuned.