Best of 2018: Taking Support To New Heights

In the lead up to Christmas, Hollseey is running through the ultimate sporting moments of 2018, and exactly what made them so special.

First up, we have somebody who showed more dedication to his team than anybody else on the planet.



This man had been banned from entering the stadium as his home team, Denizlispor took on Gaziantepspor.

However, this man wasn’t taking no for an answer. Not only did he refuse to leave, he hired a crane which was positioned for the ultimate birdseye view of the pitch. Fans were astonished to see him rise from the ground behind the stadium, arguably having one of the best views of the action.

While he cheered the team on, fans cheered him on, as he proudly flew his team’s flag from hundreds of feet in the air and watched on as they won 5-0.

This guy demonstrated that true love knows no bounds, only lowering the crane upon police intervention.

Absolute ledge.



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