A Cheeky Update

The festive season is upon us and I’ve come to the realisation I’ve been neglecting my blog enormously over the last month or so.

So here’s a brief mixture of everything that’s been going on:

  • My role at work has changed a fair bit, giving me new challenges and opportunities every day
  • West Ham have asked me to present content for the women’s team on a regular basis… hopefully beginning in the New Year
  • Me and Dan have discovered that attempting to buy a property, working full time in London, understanding technical terms and navigating through an absolute maze of solicitors and contracts is exhausting
  • I had a chat with Barry Hearn for my work and he’s probably the most inspiring person I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with
  • I lost my voice, which was incredibly problematic given the amount of speaking I have to do every day
  • I re-tiled my mum’s bathroom and kitchen, as well as fixing an oven and washing machine, with a little help from YouTube
  • I pretty much finished all of my Christmas shopping before the 15th… a definite PB


There are plenty of blogs on their way soon and as always, lots of exciting content planned for the New Year.

Until then,

Holly x


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