West Ham… The Age Old Question

For seasons, the age of our players has been a talking point. Last season saw fans become more frustrated than ever before, signing a 36-year-old Evra, 30-year-old Hart and a 30-year-old Snodgrass, not helped by a poor run of results.

We seem to have reached a turning point, with Evra departing and a string of younger signings joining the Hammers. 34-year-old Collins also said an emotional goodbye to the club, a controversial departure after a long spell at the club.

Bringing in a wealth of young talent as well as some more experienced players, West Ham are mixing wisdom with youth; the perfect combination to develop a team which will be strong for seasons to come.

While Noble is always a point of debate, at 31, he continues to lead the squad, a decision I think is the right one for now.

In my eyes, building a team for the future is vital, and managed by Pellegrini I now feel we’re in the position to attract some of the world’s top talent.

Sometimes, all you need is the right manager to bring players out of their shell, and by the looks of things, Snodgrass is already on the path to proving his worth.

What are your thoughts? Should Noble still be in the squad? What are your hopes for the 2018/19 season? Comment below or tweet @hollseey!


One thought on “West Ham… The Age Old Question

  1. Great blog holly yes I’m feeling positive about the season the board have put there hands in there pockets we have a proven winning manager who has made some exciting signings as for mark noble he is a leader and voice in the changing room give shoddy a chance ⚒⚒⚒⚒

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