RideLondon Update

It’s almost time for RideLondon, the event which has seen many of you already donate towards an incredible girl called Isla, who is battling neuroblastoma.

There has been a slight hitch in the lead up, as what I’d expected to be the home straight has turned into a battle to fight off a temperature… but where’s the fun in an easy challenge?

The original plan was to use Tuesday for the last big cycle, then taper training on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday… however on Tuesday I turned into a poorly wreck and have been in bed since.

I now have the rest of today, tomorrow and all of Saturday to rest up and get back to full health before undertaking the 100 mile challenge. Sleep, water, vitamins and carbs are currently the plan.

Then, a 3am start on Sunday as we get underway and raise some incredible money for an incredible cause. I’m also planning to be live-posting throughout the race, so make sure you follow updates. Some serious cyclists are also taking part including Mark Cavendish and many more.

Worst case scenario, if I’m not fit in time for Sunday, the fundraising still goes on and I’ll make sure nobody’s sponsorship goes without plenty of effort my end. If this is the case, I’ll be going 200 miles over the next month, by foot and by bike, both outside and at the gym. I’ll be kicking off with this as soon as I’m well again, and this is the absolute worst case scenario. I’ll only be choosing this option if I’m left with no choice, as I’m sure you can appreciate, a 100 mile challenge in this heat with a temperature would not be the wisest of moves. The good news if this does happen, is that I can also defer my place until next year, meaning I get a second shot at raising even more money for Isla, on top of what we’ve already raised.

The cut off to make a decision is 8pm on Saturday, and I’ll be doing everything I can to get better before then. Withdrawal is not a decision I’ll take lightly.

A massive thank you to all who’ve been so supportive and please do keep RTing to spread awareness of Isla’s Fight.

Bring on the weekend.




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