Greggs Trick The Foodies

Possibly my favourite story of the year so far… Greggs rebranded and served their food in a pop-up deli, at London’s Gourmet Foodie Festival. Foodies were wowed by the unheard of ‘Gregory and Gregory’ brand, detailing what they loved so much about their delicious foods… before the signs were flipped to reveal the dreaded Greggs logo, and the horrified ‘foodies’ were left in absolute shock.

Quotes such as “The avocado is so au fait at the moment, it definitely pops,” “Very well balanced” and “That’s got a real zing to it” were personal favourites before the reveal. These were quickly replaced by even more beautiful quotes including “Dear God, you’re joking!” and “See, I would never go into Greggs!”

Just like that, the importance of marketing and brand perception were demonstrated better than I’ve ever seen before… and all in one video.

To see the video, head over to

Also, whoever runs Greggs’ Twitter account is a brilliant human being – It’s definitely worth having a scroll through!


Enjoy and until next time,



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