Pellegrini: The Lowdown

The news of Pellegrini being announced as our new manager brought both excitement and relief. Proven in many of the world’s top leagues, the Chilean has been a beacon of hope for many, signifying the start of what could potentially be a brilliant 2018/19 season.

Here’s why:

Bigger Ambitions?

Knowing he wouldn’t come on the cheap, his appointment demonstrated the club’s ambition to find the correct man for the job. On top of this, the rumoured £10million-per-year salary showed the club was willing to invest, making him one of the highest paid managers in the Premier League, as well as making Klopp’s £7million and Pochettino’s £5.5million look tiny.

On top of this, it has been reported that the new gaffer will have around £75million to spend on what he has called “four or five” new additions to the squad, with the sale of some players falling into the total available to spend. Given the budget, this could be the chance to get rid of some expensive and unfit players while bringing in high quality replacements.

Having already stated the importance of having control over transfers, Pellegrini looks set to work on every aspect of the team. Making his feelings clear about having a solid option in every position, Pellegrini used an incredible analogy: “It’s no good having an orchestra with the 10 best guitarists if I don’t have a pianist. Real Madrid have the best guitarists, but if I ask them to play the piano they won’t do so well.”



Known for his attacking style of play and good man management, Pellegrini has a wealth of experience to get the West Ham team playing together. Having left Man City with the fifth highest win percentage in Premier League history, there’s a good chance of him organising the team as well as utilising Hernandez. During this 2013/14 season, Pellegrini’s side scored 102 goals and conceded only 37.



It hasn’t only been the teams with significant investment which Pellegrini has had success with. Having taken Villarreal to second place in La Liga and the Champions League semi-finals in 2006, he went on to manage Real Madrid for a season where the team finished second again. His next move was to Malaga, reaching the Champions League quarter-finals before replacing Mancini at City in 2013.

Most recently, Pellegrini’s time with Hebei China Fortune saw him lead his side to a fourth place finish in his first season. After two seasons at the club, a move back to Europe tempted Pellegrini… and here’s hoping his next success is at West Ham!




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