Goodbye 2017/18 Season

If somebody had told me West Ham would finish 13th in the Premier League, I’d have laughed a few months ago.

After the most stressful season I can remember, emotions were high as we escaped relegation, picking up seven points in our last three fixtures to secure our place in the 2018/19 season.

As for league position, a campaign which looked to be disastrous was somehow recovered as it all came down to the last game of the season, beating Everton to finish 13th.

Luckily for West Ham, the majority of the bottom 10 had equally disastrous fixtures, with only eight points separating 10th and 17th position.

More than ever, the club needs a new strategy, combining tactical signings and a manager who can make the most of our players to bring us back towards being a top 10 club.

Keep an eye out for the next few blogs which will look at our season in depth and everything we have in store for the 2018/19 season onwards!



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