Storytime… Bitcoin

Every time I hear the word ‘Bitcoin’, I struggle to get my head around exactly how a currency which doesn’t have a physical appearance can be worth money, but something many people don’t know is that two famous people had very close run-ins with the bitcoin… long before it became popular.

50 Cent let fans buy his Animal Ambition album in 2014 using bitcoin. At the time, a single bitcoin had a value of $662, making a total of $400,000. Leaving the account unused, the value soared as the small fortune grew to be worth approximately $8million. Confirming the story on social media, 50 cent commented: “Not bad for a kid from South Side. Ima keep it real,I forgot I did that shit lol.”

In a slightly less fortunate turn of events, Lily Allen was asked to live stream a concert to a virtual world Second Life around five years ago. Given the option to sing in front of her computer, Lily turned down hundreds of thousands of bitcoins, translating to around £300 at the time. Deciding not to perform from the comfort of her own home turned out to be a costly mistake… as the payment would now be worth around £118million. Also taking to social media to voice her thoughts, Lily used the hashtag #Idiot twice in the same post.

Do you have an experience with Bitcoin? Let me know what it is on Twitter @hollseey

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