FA Cup Shambles

Where to begin? That was the most frustrating game I have watched in a very long time. With Wigan’s current form, it was never going to be an easy fixture, regardless of which league they are in, but we just didn’t want it enough by the looks of things.

Conceding early, we had to get straight back in the game but instead had Obiang injured and then went down to 10 men as Masuaku was sent off.

Masuaku’s decision to spit at another player was disgusting. To spit at another person is something which is inexcusable and one of the most offensive things you can do on a football pitch. Combined with the long list of injures, it was a terrible, terrible move, which potentially cost us the game this afternoon. Considering this is often followed by a 6 or 7 game ban, it’s another move which leaves us increasingly thin when it comes to team selection.

Wigan were then awarded a penalty which should not have been given against Burke. Unless he had no arm, he could not have physically got more out of the way of the ball if he tried. Grigg powered it in to score his second of the game.

There aren’t many positives to be taken from this game, and as West Ham described it, today was a ‘game to forget’. However, Mario looked reasonably good given the fact he’d trained once with the team, and Obiang carried on watching the game albeit on crutches, suggesting his injury didn’t require immediate hospital treatment.

An FA Cup run would have been great but I’ve said all season I’d prioritise the league. Now to focus on that and continue to strengthen our squad this transfer window.



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