Monday Funday

Happy Monday!

What a week it’s been! We got our first ‘proper’ win in a while… smashing Stoke 3-0 and slowly starting our climb up the table. Moyes has certainly impressed me and I have to say I was completely wrong with my initial feelings prior to his appointment. We look a completely different team to the West Ham we saw a month ago.

Lanzini got a diving ban for what I agree was a dive. It’s a massive shame as he looked brilliant against Stoke and his creativity will be missed, but this gives us the chance to explore more options. It’s caused a lot of controversy as people are asking why retrospective bans haven’t been given to Alli etc. For that disgusting tackle, but it all depends on the individual circumstances. We scored from the decision to give a penalty. For me, diving is something which shouldn’t exist in football. Watching adults throw themselves to the floor and writhe around in agony when they haven’t even had contact is embarrassing and shouldn’t be practiced at all, so fair play for giving the diving ban and as long as all teams are judged fairly for this, I have no issue with it.

Aside from that, not a huge amount has been occurring. I had a brilliant weekend of festive-ness, going to Winter Wonderland and the Birmingham Christmas Market. It was amazing!

Monday has been a shock to the system as I’m stuck at Euston with no trains for the foreseeable future and am leaving for work in another 11 hours, which is not cool.

I’ll also be at the Arsenal game tomorrow night but won’t be interviewing as I have lost my voice and currently sound like an 80-year-old man.

Hope everyone is well and starting to feel festive!
Over and out,


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