Happy December

It’s that time of the year, and once again, I have absolutely no idea how Christmas crept up so quickly. Anybody who knows me will be fully aware of how excited I get about this time of year… and this time around is no different.

… However… Before all that jolliness, I would like to speak about West Ham. Having left it a week or so, I’ve finally calmed down enough to share my thoughts. After losing 4-0 to Everton, the game we needed to win more than any other fixture, I wasn’t even angry, more heartbroken. It must have been evident because 90% of my colleagues at work support Spurs and nobody said a word. This concerned me greatly, given the stick I get on a weekly basis. Looking back, we did not deserve to win. We didn’t turn up, and Rooney’s goal was unbelievable. I’ve even had the guts to watch it back a few times, and have to say… what a goal.

Moving on swiftly, our performance against City has given me hope once again. Taking an early lead, my heart told me that we wouldn’t hold out, but to score and hold Man City off for that long is certainly an achievement based on recent form. A huge part of this was due to Adrian pulling off some cracking saves. Head over to Twitter now to take part in the poll… would you choose Adrian or Hart to start against Chelsea?

Speaking of heartbreak, I managed to smash my phone into oblivion while filming outside the London Stadium. I’d love to say there was a dramatic story and I smashed it out of anger, but I just dropped it out of my pocket. Long story short, I still don’t have a phone and will explain why in another blog, but life has changed drastically without the ability to use a phone. You know when Eleven in Stranger Things is just confused about everything which happens, all the time… that’s basically me.

My work hours have also changed to begin at 7 every day, which is certainly taking some getting used to! Waking up at half 4 every day has come as one big caffeine-fuelled shock, but finishing at 4 has given me time to go to the gym most days. I also get seats on the train on the way into work, which enables me to get a good 40 minute nap every morning. I now fully appreciate naps.

Not much else has happened lately, I’ve been busy plotting plans for the New Year which will mean you’ll all see a lot more of me (sorry!) … but we’ll leave that for later in the month.


Over and out,



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