All Eyes On Moyes

Today is the big day. West Ham face Watford away and we need to make a statement and start distancing ourselves from the relegation zone.

While in the ideal world you wouldn't hire the guy who came 20th last season to save West Ham from a potential relegation battle, Sunderland are now at the bottom of the championship, showing that maybe it wasn't his fault they couldn't stay up in the Premier League.

In my last blog, I made my initial opinion clear ahead of Moyes' appointment, but I'm happy to say that everything he has done since has been exactly what we've been wanting to see, and I'm now excited to see what the coming months hold.

Moyes seems to know how to get the best out of players, and with a positive reception from players, Moyes has definitely upped the training intensity… so much so, I find myself living in fear of the inevitable West Ham injuries. The videos I've seen of training sessions will certainly cut out the weak links and get the hungry players on the pitch, which is how it should be. On top of that, Moyes was reported to have gone to the U23 game, and Martinez is set to start on the bench this afternoon alongside Rice and Quina, players we've all wanted to see given a chance. With so many great young players coming through the ranks, I can't wait to see what they're capable of at this level, particularly with Martinez.

Making players work for their chance to play is how I think every team should work, and if players aren't willing to do this, their mentality is wrong and those who will work should get the chances.

This isn't just a huge game for the club, but for Moyes too. Given his track record, he's here to prove a point and if his time at West Ham doesn't go to plan, it's fair to see he probably won't manage another Premier League team.

With a difficult run coming up, we don't want to go into the Christmas period in the bottom three. Yet to win away, I hope this is the moment we can start turning our season around. There are only 6 points between us and the top half of the league, and there's also still time to leap up the table before the January transfer window.



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