Healthy Mindset

There’s been a lot of talk about mental health recently, and something I think is enormously important is to have people to speak to about how you feel, whether you’re having a great or a terrible day.

We live in an age where most things are instant. If we want something, we can get it delivered to us. If we have a question, we can find the answer almost instantly, but the same cannot always be said for the feeling of happiness.

The internet leads many of us to compare ourselves to others with perhaps unobtainable lifestyles, with it being easy to portray a completely different life online to the one you actually lead, which personally I feel can be dangerous at times.

Similarly, it’s become so easy to focus on such a fast paced lifestyle, progression and everything else you’re expected to do daily, that it’s often difficult to make time for the little things which make you happy.

We all set goals for ourselves, but with so much focus on progression and what’s next, it’s easy to naturally set our hearts on something bigger and better, ignoring what we already have.

I for one am guilty of this. If I don’t feel I’m personally progressing, I become frustrated with myself. Whether it’s a goal with exercise, work or a project, I quickly lose confidence when I don’t feel I’m doing anything of purpose.

My personal goal this year is to take a moment to step back, make more time for the little things which make me and those around me happy, and remember that regardless of how much or how little is ‘achieved’, life is actually really really good.

The beauty of the technology available to us is that while it may leave us sometimes feeling down, or comparing ourselves to others’ unobtainable lifestyles or impossible stereotypes, it also means we are able to reach out to those in similar situations or going through similar things.

So if there’s anybody out there who may be struggling, whether I know you or not, give me a shout because there’s always somebody there to listen.


Over and out,




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