The Premier League Hokey Cokey

This season, more than ever, there has been an outcry for the sacking of managers. From Bilic to Wenger, fans aren’t happy and are making it increasingly clear across social media.

Always interested in hearing what everyone has to say, I conducted some very official research in the form of two Twitter polls, taken a month apart.

The Twitter Poll in March revealed that 52% of those who took part wanted Bilic to stay, with 12% wanting him out and 36% said it depended on the rest of the season.

Fast forward a month and this has changed to 35% wanting Bilic to stay, 30% wanting him out and 35% still saying it depends on the rest of the season.

There’s a clear divide in opinion, which seems to have filled Twitter with very angry West Ham fans, but ultimately, it’s what you get when you have thousands of passionate fans with conflicting ideas.

I’ve been asked where I stand, so I thought I’d share my stance on the situation.

Personally, I love Bilic and want him to stay, however something clearly isn’t working at West Ham.

We are struggling enormously in defence, particularly at right back, and with ongoing striker troubles, we’re finding the strangest starting line-ups imaginable and crying out for the transfer window to open.

Controversially, I agree with the signings made in the January transfer window. While we knew we needed to fill a few positions, in my eyes, there were no players good enough to warrant spending money on them. I was firmly in the mindset that we should wait until summer and spend on top quality players.

While the signings we have made have turned out to be ‘starting slowly’ in many cases, I don’t feel Bilic is necessarily to blame. At the time, I was massively excited about the signings and thought this could be the beginning of something great. In hindsight, it wasn’t to be, but I don’t see how anybody could have known much better without bringing them into the team.

When we concede, heads seem to drop and this is my main concern. Bilic is hobbling along the line screaming for players to chase and close the ball down, but morale seems to be gone, especially when we go a goal or two down.

Managers are always easy targets. As football fans, we blame them for the failure and then praise strikers for teams’ success. Without seeing the training sessions first hand, it’s impossible to know quite what the problem is but I can’t help but feel the majority of our problems come from stupid mistakes and not closing the ball down quickly enough.

My solution would be to keep Bilic and do some serious pre-season training. Signing-wise I’d love to see Hart in goal, a more solid defence and some exciting options upfront. It’s easier said than done, but I reckon some new additions to the team could push the squad to fight for their place in the team.

Bilic managed to bring us higher than ever before last season, and we can blame whatever we want as much as we like for this season’s performance, but after the first year at the new stadium, it would be great to see us establish ourselves as serious contenders again next season.

Let me know your thought as always on Twitter @hollseey and thanks for reading!

Until next time,





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