If you’ve been over to my Twitter (@hollseey), you’ll probably be aware that I have entered to be the new West Ham TV presenter… Mainly because I haven’t shut up about it.

Since then, understandably, I’ve received a fair amount of stick. It goes without saying that when you apply for something like this, there will be mixed opinions on whether or not you should be the person to represent the fans.

From being told to stay in the kitchen, to being told not to play the ‘woman’ card, there have been some brilliant comments, but most of all I have been blown away by the lovely feedback from complete strangers.

In a 30 second video, it was impossible to get across all the reasons I’d love to be the face of West Ham TV. As well as being in love with the team itself, I’d like to think I know a lot about the beautiful game, and have a lot more to offer than simply stating statistics and facts which can be found anywhere online.

While I don’t take myself too seriously, I work endlessly to always improve, and am determined to bring a fun, but informative approach to West Ham TV.

A role like this has to be nailed from the offset, getting stuck in straight away and not being afraid to just go for it, and that’s something I’m definitely ready to do.

I have had a fair few people comment on my work, and whether I have a ‘conflict of interest’, having posted pictures from the Watford FC press conferences.

To set the record straight, I do not work for Watford FC whatsoever. Born in Watford, I played for the ladies team from the age of nine to 21, which I absolutely loved. Being a football fan, of course I have always kept an eye on my local team, however this does not make me support West Ham any less.

Similarly, people have accused me of supporting numerous different teams. From the Seattle Sounders, to Sunderland and Liverpool.

If you look through my timeline, you will find tweets most likely mentioning every Premier League club, as well as those from all around the world. This is because I love football.

I do have a Seattle Sounders shirt which I wear to the gym on occasions. This is because I visited America, have American family, (and love anything neon green)… it means nothing.


The pictures people have ‘discovered’ of me wearing a Watford kit are because I was playing for the Watford Ladies side at the time. Funnily enough, you have to wear the full kit to be allowed on the pitch to play for your team.


One picture of me in a Liverpool shirt has been shared around. This was from a long time ago when I visited Anfield with my dad’s side of the family (from Liverpool) who bought us all shirts as well as tickets to go with them, in memory of my Grandad.

I posted a picture of me in that shirt while Dan was in the West Ham shirt, because I thought it was funny at the time, however it has clearly been taken massively out of context. I personally do not regret this, would not have had the balls to wear my West Ham shirt in the Liverpool end, and do not feel it reflects my views whatsoever.

Just for the record, this shirt has stayed in the loft ever since.


My video posted of Sunderland supporters singing “Leicester City, we’re coming for you” also has absolutely no bearing on which team I support. I simply thought it was hilarious as they were doing horrifically, and thought it really showed the spirit of the game, and how great it can be when you can laugh at yourself.

I apologise if any of these have made people doubt my loyalty as a West Ham supporter, but all I can say in my defence is that I LOVE WEST HAM. I SUPPORT WEST HAM, and I WANT WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL MY FELLOW WEST HAM SUPPORTERS.

If I had anything to hide, I would have deleted all of these from my social media accounts, but I didn’t… because I didn’t forsee strangers going around on the internet making up rumours about me supporting other clubs :’)

At the start of the year, I decided to leave my job in childcare to pursue my dream career, in sports media. I found a local magazine company who cover all of Hertfordshire, and began as work experience, working my way up into the position I am currently in.

Covering local news, I have been given the opportunity to report on games and teams including Hemel Hempstead, Edgware Town, and Watford FC, which has made me certain that sports media is the path I would love to follow.

My job gives me the opportunity to write, report and interview people from all walks of life, which has (as corny as it sounds…) made me realise what I want in life.

I want to take everything I have learnt so far and apply it to this role, connecting with other fans and bringing West Ham TV the content we’ve all been waiting for.

While other teams make viral challenge videos, have clips of the backstage banter and show you a different side of the team, which you don’t see on the pitch… we currently don’t have this. So with a new stadium, new season, and new West Ham TV presenter… it’s going to be one incredible season!

There have been some amazing entries, so go take a look on http://www.whufc.com/News/Articles/2016/August/11-August/Vote-for-your-WHUPresenter-winner and show your support.

Say hi if you’re at the Astra game tomorrow night, and until next time.



PS. If anybody has seen my woman card lying around, please let me know as I seem to have misplaced it.



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