Premier League Predictions

With days until the start of the Premier League, it’s time to predict the final Premier League table for 2016/17.

While Leicester won the league last season, continue reading to see just where I predict the Foxes will finish this season.


  1. Manchester United – New manager Jose Mourinho will bring the red devils all the way to the top, alongside unstoppable signings Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba.

  2. Manchester City – A combination of Pogba and De Bruyne will see City to the top, but their defence may let Man U sneak past to take the title.

  3. Chelsea – With manager Conte, a return to form from Eden Hazard could be disastrous for other teams.

  4. West Ham – New signings Ayew and Feghouli will assist Payet and Carroll in a solid midfield and attack, bringing in the goals with a decent defence. I predict an exciting result for the first year at the London Stadium.

  5. Arsenal – A signing or two short of the perfect team, I predict that Arsenal will struggle a little this year due to lack of change.

  6. Liverpool – Liverpool will have a steady season but Klopp will struggle to get the team into the top 4.

  7. Tottenham – Kane will do a lot better than he did in EURO 2016, finding the back of the net, but not enough.

  8. Everton – The loss of Stones may well see Everton finish lower than 8th, and should they lose Lukaku, I’d go as far as saying 13th place for Everton.

  9. Leicester – After an incredible and unexpected win last season, I feel Leicester’s winning run may come to a halt as they struggle to find their feet.

  10. Southampton – Will struggle in the first few games, but remain too inconsistent to do better than 10th.

  11. Stoke – A decent team, but like Sunderland, will not be able to make the top half of the table.

  12. Sunderland – Giving them the benefit of the doubt putting them in 12th.

  13. Crystal Palace – I anticipate Crystal Palace will have an unpredictable season, with a mixture of doing both terribly and brilliantly in short bursts.

  14. Watford – Watford will either struggle or do fantastically with Mazzarri after sacking Flores unexpectedly in what was the Hornet’s greatest season in history. I’m saying 14th, expecting a slow start which will result in more wins towards the end of the season as the team become familiar with the new gaffer.

  15. Swansea – Meh.

  16. Middlesbrough – Riverside Stadium will see a number of wins at the beginning of the season for Middlesbrough, but this will slow down as the season goes on, bringing them further down the table as the months go on.

  17. Bournemouth – Bournemouth will narrowly avoid relegation as the bottom four fight to stay in the Premier League for another season.

  18. West Bromwich – Set for a reasonably unexpected relegation. Why not.

  19. Burnley – Unfortunately I can’t see Burney staying up, and will inevitably finish at the bottom of the league.

  20. Hull – Don’t have what it takes. I predict a huge loss to Leicester in the first game of the season, which will set the tone for the rest of the season.


Some bold decisions there, let’s see how this season works out!




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