London Marathon 2016

This year I missed the London Marathon in the best possible way. Having not got a place in the ballot, my plan was originally to go and support a bunch of the awesome people I know who were running, but then I was offered the chance to help Abbott, the sponsor of the World Marathon Majors, and a huge sponsor of the London Marathon, based in the USA.

Of course I accepted, and despite being 100m from the finish line and missing most of the race, I had the most incredible day meeting inspirational people, most of whom were exhausted but thrilled to have made it to the end of the 26.2 miles.

Having taken part in 2013, I know fully well how much pain and how many different emotions these runners experience. And it was truly incredible to chat to so many people and learn why they were running, and what they wanted  to achieve through it.

Here’s a very attractive photo my myself, struggling to sprint finish at around the 26 mile mark…


In life, there aren’t many opportunities to throw yourself into something insane, and this is definitely one of those I would recommend.

For a day where every single person is there to cheer on the runners, and for the chance to complete something you never thought you would… The ballot opens in a few days. It’s also cheaper than taking an Uber around London. Win-win if you ask me!

Congratulations to all who took part, made the day such a success and to all the lovely people I had the pleasure of meeting!

Until next year!






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