The Moyesiah

While many were disappointed by the re-appointment of David Moyes, not many could have anticipated that we would find ourselves on 14 points, 9 games into the 2020/21 season.

Moyes is now getting the time any manager needs to build a squad that works well together. Inheriting what Pellegrini left behind would be a challenge for any manager, particularly one that has completely different tactics.

One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced in recent seasons is creating a team that can pick themselves up and go again, finding good form and continuing to improve. As West Ham fans, we don’t typically ask for much, aside from a team that puts in 100% effort on the pitch. Finally, it feels as though the players are all fighting for the points and it’s a delight to see them celebrating together. There’s no doubt that Moyes has done an incredible job to piece the team together with minimal investment.

We have so many players continuously improving, which is helped enormously by confidence. Cresswell has been one of the stand-out players for me in recent weeks, going from being one of the players I thought needed replacing in the transfer window, to him becoming one of our best players again.

Antonio has been incredible as usual this season, but we’ve still managed to get results without him; another achievement we wouldn’t have expected in the past! Tonight, we see him return which I’m incredibly excited about!

Haller has also proven that he is capable of playing well, despite being the topic of a lot of heated discussion online. It’s impossible to compare him to Antonio as they’re two entirely different kinds of player. Antonio creates opportunities out of nothing, while Haller has a great finish on him and moves brilliantly into space, but without service, he doesn’t miraculously score goals. For that reason, I’d choose Antonio to start but would keep alternating them to prevent injuries and suit tactics. It’s just a matter of finding a formation or style of play that works with Haller in it.

With the opportunity to go 5th in the league tonight, the pressure is on. We’ve done the hard work, getting points against City, Spurs and Leicester but now it comes down to getting points against the ‘easier’ sides.

For the first time in seasons, I feel optimistic ahead of every single game, which I’m definitely enjoying. Hopefully we can get three points to start the week off!



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