Question Time

With so much to look forward to next season, I asked for some of you to fire questions at me, and here are the answers:

Could LFC win the league next season?

Having already signed Fabinho, Liverpool have made a solid start to the transfer window. With rumours of Keita joining and suggestions Oblak could be an (optimistic) option, they could have an unbelievable squad next season. Salah looks set to return for his second season at the club, as well as Chamberlain returning from injury – Another two players who could shape Liverpool’s 2018/19 season.


How will Arsenal do next season?

I think Arsenal will struggle. While fans grew frustrated that Wenger wasn’t taking them to the next level, their squad is lacking and without significant investment, I can see Arsenal dropping out of the top six for the first time since the 1994/95 season. Emery will be expected to hit the ground running, and if this doesn’t happen… we’ll certainly have some entertaining Arsenal Fan TV to watch!


Who are the signings to watch?

Sessegnon is an exciting one. Fulham will be desperate to keep the 18-year-old, but with big teams knocking at his door, I’ll be surprised if he stays at the club. Having said that, Khan seems set on him staying, suggesting that he could negotiate a loan back to Fulham even if bought by another club for “a ridiculous fee”. He could establish himself as an absolute legend if he pulls Fulham up the Premier League table next season, on the other hand. ‘Big fish in a small pond, or small fish in a big pond’ will be the question when Sessegnon decides which team to play for.

Another young talent is Dortmund’s Pulisic, with reported interest from a few of the top six. I’m not sure he’s being tested enough in the Bundesliga, but he’s scored five goals and got four assists in 31 league appearances. In terms of player development, a move to the right club could secure his future as a world-class player, but we’ll have to see what happens!

More Q&As to come, so get those questions in on Twitter @Hollseey



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