Positive or unrealistic?

West Ham are the club that get your hopes up and absolutely obliterate them. They’re the club that are beating Tottenham 2-1 at 89′ but manage to lose 3-2 by full time. They’re the club with the most ups and downs but also the club with the fans who are there simply for the love of West Ham.

It’s difficult to stay positive when negative news is all that seems to be making the headlines, and to lose 5-1 at home in the game where we needed 3 points more than ever is heartbreaking.

Looking on the bright side is difficult at times, but personally, it’s the way I choose to look at things. From people’s reaction on Twitter, I can see that not everybody feels the same way.

Of course I am angry when we lose, and to see such a frustrating game does get to me enormously.

However, I am looking at what we can take from this game to progress moving forwards. The club as well as Bilic are now in a difficult position and Bilic made it clear in the post-game interview that intensity is not good enough, even in training.

Carroll is finally back from injury. Ignoring the overall result, he came on in the second half and found the back of the net which is a good start to his return.

Ayew has shown some skill as well as going for goal and showing that he can keep possession.

Fletcher is also proving himself in the team, closing defenders down, taking shots on goal and showing passion.

There were times in tonight’s game where we had opportunities. Especially when it was 0-1 and 1-1, the team continued to create chances without letting their heads drop, and this determination even when things aren’t going to plan is a massive part of being a winning team.

We have got ridiculously unlucky with injuries this season, and it was more than noticeable that Cresswell was missing from today’s team.

Now is the time we have to turn things around. Being the team to lose the most points from a winning position shows that it is not only goal scoring we need to up, but consistency, defending, and cutting out those mistakes which have cost us points.

We may have had an incredible last season, but nothing is guaranteed in the Premier League, and now is the time things have to change.



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