The Little Things

In a world where everything is fast-paced, it’s often hard to find time to take a second and enjoy what’s going on around you. Working in media, I’m constantly checking the news, thinking of things which could make stories and even when I’m not working, I’m finding content and thinking of ideas to use the following day.

It’s difficult not to get wrapped up in work, and forget to take time out, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Yesterday was Halloween, and I was happy to see a distinct lack of clowns. While I’m too old now to acceptably go trick-or-treating, it made me happy to see the hoards of youngsters going out with their friends.

Trick-or-treating is a strange concept when you think about it. You’re essentially sending children to other people’s houses to beg for food. Either way, I used to love it. As a kid, I was insistent that vampires had the best costume in the world, so year after year I would lovingly craft my cape from a bin bag, and set out with my brother. I’m very grateful that I do not have any photos of this, as I distinctly remember gelling my hair back to look like Dracula too. Such a cool kid.

Things have changed a little since. Although, I’m still the same height as most of the kids knocking on strangers’ doors, and I still get far too excited about random things.

This got me thinking… You really can find a bright side in most things if you look hard enough.

While work may be stressful at times, there are so many little things which make me smile throughout the day.

This morning I got excited by how foggy it was on the way into work.

When I got into work, the man in the office next door sneezed. I have never seen the man in the office next door, but we have some weird non-spoken agreement where we ‘bless’ each other when one of us sneezes.

It’s beautiful. It all began one day when I was at work on my own and I heard a sneeze. Having not spoken to anyone all day, I said “bless you” in what I can only (embarrassingly) describe as a Sean Connery-esque voice. I thought I’d said it quietly.

To my horror, I heard a polite “thank you” come back through the wall at me. I sat in silence, embarrassed for the rest of the day.

When I next sneezed, to my surprise, a chirpy “Bless you!” came back through the wall. From that moment, it became our thing. Aside from blessing and thanking each other, we’ve never said a word, and I’ve not once bumped into him in the corridor. I’d quite like to see what he looks like, as in my head, he’s in his late 50s and seems the type to wear corduroy.

This morning, a sneezing fit saw me blessed numerous times through the wall. It might sound sad… but little things like this brighten my day on a daily basis.

I like to think I’m not the only one… so if you have something which puts a smile on your face, share away!

Until next time,



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