To brexit or not to brexit

With the EU referendum coming up, there is constant talk of whether to ‘brexit’ or stay, so while everybody is busy throwing their opinion down everyone else’s throats… Here’s mine.

Politics is something which has never particularly interested me. Possibly because I have nothing in common with those in parliament, but also because while somebody may claim to want to make certain changes, once they’ve been elected… They are able to completely turn around on every promise and do whatever they feel best at the time.

For me, it is ridiculously important to be informed, and being 23 years of age, and of the age groups they are trying to encourage to vote, simply put… I am struggling to see the facts through people’s opinions.

While those who want to leave the EU are slating the cost of being a part of it, they are failing to mention the money we get back from being in the EU. And while they’re comparing it to how much this could do financially for the NHS, who is to say it would even go towards the NHS, should we leave the European Union?

Then, you have the people who hate immigration so will automatically vote to leave, but while there may be immigrants able to come into the country, there are great things this brings… And we are able to freely live and work in any other country within the EU.

It seems this is a very double edged sword, and honestly, I have no idea which way to vote.

There are posters up supporting the ‘leave’ campaign on most roads I drive down, and I’m under the impression that those of the older generation, who are also more likely to vote, seem to be swaying towards leaving the EU, which could have a huge impact on the outcome on the 23rd July.

Whilst I’m all for the UK making their own rules, it is near on impossible to foresee any complications this could cause. Scary statistics are being thrown all over the place with how much we would lose or gain, but in all honesty, we have no idea until we actually come down to it.

I’m happy as life is at the moment, so part of me thinks it could be a lot safer to just stick as we are and remain in the EU.

With everyone only stating the facts and statistics which work for their own argument, I’m verging on the decision to not vote, simply to not make an ill-informed judgement of something so important for our country.

Having the ability to vote is an incredible opportunity which many people in the world do not have right now, which brings me to the point that it is a massive shame.

Leaders of ‘stay’ and ‘leave’ campaigns should be providing the facts, and all of them. the people in the UK will only turn around and blame those who influenced them to make a poor decision the moment they realise they weren’t warned of particular downfalls in their vote, so why not be honest and straight forward from the offset?

So there is my opinion. You probably won’t care about it, you might not bother reading all of it, and I’m pretty sure nobody important will even take a blind bit of notice. But it’s given me something to do on this rainy Sunday evening.



Over and out, until next time,




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