As many of you will have seen, Cheap Panini are drawing every single one of the 682 Panini World Cup stickers for charity. Kicking off at the same time as the World Cup and finishing in time for the final, Alex and Sian have 32 days to complete around 170 hours of drawing between them……

Question Time

With so much to look forward to next season, I asked for some of you to fire questions at me, and here are the answers:

Pellegrini: The Lowdown

The news of Pellegrini being announced as our new manager brought both excitement and relief. Proven in many of the world’s top leagues, the Chilean has been a beacon of hope for many, signifying the start of what could potentially be a brilliant 2018/19 season. Here’s why:

It’s Not All Doom And Gloom

It’s not all been doom and gloom at West Ham this season, with reasons to celebrate, albeit in between the stress. Here are just a few of the reasons we can look back at the season in a positive light.

Football Friday

To celebrate the end of the week, today’s blog celebrates the good news stories in football. Here are my three highlights of the week:

West Ham – Turning A Corner

I truly believe we have saved our season in the last few weeks. Having not found any sort of form, we seemed as though no game was a given when it comes to picking up points, but my faith in West Ham has been restored in recent games. So what’s changed? Behind the scenes, I…

A Nice Break

For the first time in a long time, I’ve found myself glad to have had a couple of weeks without fixtures. A season of poor performances, unhappy fans and negative publicity finally reached its tipping point as Burnley won 3-0 and fans took matters into their own hands. Something I made my feelings clear about…

FA Cup Shambles

Where to begin? That was the most frustrating game I have watched in a very long time. With Wigan’s current form, it was never going to be an easy fixture, regardless of which league they are in, but we just didn’t want it enough by the looks of things. Conceding early, we had to get…