West Ham – Turning A Corner

I truly believe we have saved our season in the last few weeks. Having not found any sort of form, we seemed as though no game was a given when it comes to picking up points, but my faith in West Ham has been restored in recent games.

So what’s changed? Behind the scenes, I can’t comment… but the team finally seem to want the ball. Players are winning individual battles, not giving up and taking responsibility for their own performances on the pitch.

Picking up three points against Southampton and then one point against Chelsea, confidence seems to be growing again and a win against Stoke could now cement our place in the Premier League next season.

The main aspect of our gameplay which has made me happy in recent games is the determination. Even Arnautovic was dropping back and defending in the final minutes against Chelsea. Hart has come back and proven a point with five outstanding saves, and proven a lot of people’s doubts, including mine, wrong.

Last but not least, fans have been unbelievable. Getting behind the team, cheering them on from the first moment and certainly showing emotion. It goes without saying we are a passionate bunch and all show this in different ways but there’s one thing you can’t deny… We all want the same thing.

So let’s go out tonight and smash Stoke! I’m feeling confident!

Let me know what YOU think the result will be on Twitter (@hollseey).



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